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Summer Mindfulness Immerse Week

Summer Mindfulness Immerse Week will be held by NACMA from July 11st to July 17th.


We invited 14 world-renowned speakers from North America and China, one speech a day by prestigious mindfulness professionals. The Summer Mindfulness Immerse week aims to provide exclusive instructions and learning experience for those who practice mindfulness or are interested in learning about mindfulness. 


Topics cover Mindfulness & Stress Management, Mindful Eating, Buddhist Psychology, Mindful Self-Compassion, Mindfulness & Psychotherapy and Mindful Education…we also arranged meditation sessions everyday for participants to practice online.


The schedule of Summer Mindfulness Immerse Week:


July 11st, Mindfulness & Stress Management, Tom Heah, MBSR/MBCT mentor of CMS (the University of Toronto), and he’s also a certified MPBs from UCLA


Translator & meditation facilitator: Alex Li.


July 12nd, Mindful Eating, Dr. Jean Kristeller, the founder of MB-eating, PHD from Yale, and she was MBSR instructor of UMass

Translator & meditation facilitator: Dr. Sun Yujing


July 13rd, Buddhist Psychology, Dr. Paul Fulton, Director of IMP(Institute of Meditation & Psychotherapy), professor from Harvard Medical School

Translator & meditation facilitator: Joy Chen


July 14th, Mindful Self-Compassion for women, Susan Fairchild, psychotherapist based in Boston, MSC certified teacher

Translator & meditation facilitator: Xue Miao


July 15th, Mindfulness & Psychotherapy, Dr. Ronald Siegel, Assistant Professor of Harvard Medical School

Translator & meditation facilitator: Jade Zhou


July 16th, Mindful Education, Dr. Chris Willard, psychotherapist for children and teens, and he teaches in Harvard Medical School

Translator & meditation facilitator: Balinda Li


Except the keynote speech everyday, we also prepare surprise sessions, including mindful music, poems and yoga, to let participants to fully enjoy the art beauty of mindfulness.

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