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Professional Training

. Growing Up Mindful Course

The Growing Up Mindful Course consists of video/audio lessons and online live video sessions. The course is based on the 20-year clinical experience of Dr. Christopher Willard, a Harvard teacher who has first-hand experience with Mindfulness in children’s education. This course is not about parenting skills or parent-child exercises, but is more about how to change, adapt, and apply.

This course contains 12 videos filmed by Dr. Willard himself, ranging from the fundamental theories of Mindfulness Nurturing to adolescent and child psychology. For example, it involves learning about the characteristics of adolescents’ and children’s brain development, how Mindfulness meditation can create a healthier brain, understanding children's mental growth, as well as how Mindfulness can help children decrease their academic stress and anxiety, stabilize their emotions, improve their concentration, and enhance their learning efficiency. The 18 audio lessons are translated and recorded by Mindfulness instructor Li Ting Balinda. They include selected classic Mindfulness parent-child games as well as meditation exercises that parents, teachers, and psychologists can learn and apply. After listening to the audio, adults can practice Mindfulness by themselves or take their children with them to enjoy practicing Mindfulness together.

During the live sessions, students practice Mindfulness together while being led by a Mindfulness instructor. They can ask questions, and can also exchange ideas and share experiences with other parents and educators. Chris will personally answer questions by collaborating with a professional Mindfulness instructor who will act as an interpreter to provide bilingual guidance.

 . MB-EAT Awareness Training Camp

Mindfulness-Based Eating Awareness Training (MB-EAT) was created by Dr. Jean Kristeller. It provides empirical and practical methods that help establish a suitable eating pattern by understanding emotions when eating and uncritically understanding eating habits. It ultimately focuses on the importance of enjoying food, maintaining physical health, relieving stress, and calming one’s mind.

MB-EAT is a Mindfulness-based course that helps improve eating and weight problems. It combines an awareness of behavioral science and nutrition to create a new healthy relationship with food. Professor Kristeller found that this course is better than CBT for addressing eating disorders such as binge eating or bulimia nervosa.


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