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Our association provides mindfulness workshops intended for different groups of people. Workshops include Mindfulness leadership, Mindfulness to reduce anxiety and stress, workshop for professionals, as well as Mindfulness for teenagers to help them overcome test anxiety, along with mindful self-care training, mindful parent-child communication, Mindfulness nurturing, and positive psychology. These courses and workshops can be customized based on individual needs. Our online courses have detailed multimedia contents that...


Brief Introduction

Personal Programs

. Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT) 8-Week Course

Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT) was founded in 1993 by three psychology professors: John Teasdale of Cambridge University, Mark Williams of Oxford University, and Zindel Segal of Toronto University.

The MBCT 8-week course is based on a combination of Mindfulness, Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT), and psychology education. This group course is designed to target the psychological mechanisms that lead to...

Professional Workshops

The Mindfulness Parenting Camp consists of video/audio lessons and online live video sessions. The course is based on the 20-year clinical experience of Dr. Christopher Willard, a Harvard teacher who has first-hand experience with Mindfulness in childrens education. This course is not about parenting skills or parent-child exercises, but is more about how to change, adapt, and apply.This course contains 12 videos filmed by Dr. Willard himself, ranging from the fundamental theories of Mindfulness Nurturing to adolescent and child ...

CCMA is committed to providing science-based and well-known Mindfulness courses, including 21-day and 30-day introductory Mindfulness courses and 8-week Mindfulness courses. MBCT (Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy), MBSR (Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction), MSC (Mindfulness Self-Compassion), MBCR (Mindfulness-Based Cancer Recovery), as well as training camps for different areas, including Mindfulness parenting camps, Mindful eating camps, and Mindfulness psychotherapy courses. We also offer basicmeditation camps taught by professional trainers, and provide Mindfulness workshops up to 3 days.

Community Activites

Brief Introduction

Since the outbreak of COVID-19 of last February, nearly a hundred of online webinars have been offered to Chinese home and abroad, on the themes of mindful self-compassion, mindful parenting and mindfulness for children, mindful eating and mindful yoga...etc. These mindfulness-based webinars, such as More Mindfulness, Less Worries,Mindfulness Practices for Family members to Relieve from Pressure,  are designed for Hubei Province...

We have held a number of free workshops in the United States, Canada and several cities in China, including Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou, in our workshops, people learned mindfulness meditation and they got the support and guidance from professionals. In a typical half-day-workshop, 15-30 participants have a chance to sit together and look inward peacefully, enjoying a mindfulness journey, as well as meeting meditators, talking and making friends.

Mindful Space is a mindfulness-based community opened to public, it is a continuous learning group to practice mindfulness and grow inner strength, and a gathering place for mindfulness meditators to communicate and share. Focusing on daily mindfulness practices, community activities have been organized every morning or evening since last June, 10-15 minutes for knowledge learning and 15-20 minutes for daily meditation, led by mindfulness teachers, and members could cultivate lifelong-habits of mindfulness and benefit from the practice.

We will choose cutting-edge science-based mindfulness books for group members, for example, Full Catastrophe Living, Self Compassion, Radical Acceptance: Embracing Your Life With the Heart of a Buddhaetc. Group members are gathering every two weeks, and each time there will be a volunteer to lead the session, sometimes we could invite the translators or the authors to come and share their insights. We encourage group members to be the hosts ...

Summer Mindfulness Immerse Week will be held by NACMA from July 11st to July 17th.

We invited 14 world-renowned speakers from North America and China, one speech a day by prestigious mindfulness professionals. The Summer Mindfulness Immerse week aims to provide exclusive instructions and learning experience for those who practice mindfulness or are interested in learning about mindfulness...

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Students share


Mindfulness teaches me to be with myself. Self-care teaches me to fall in love with myself. From now on and for the rest of my life, I love myself, spoil myself, and have no rivals in love. This is the beginning of a love story with oneself. We have a long way to go, so embrace the future affectionately!

Feng Zu

I gained a preliminary understanding of mindfulness and self-compassion after this course. I also received a lot of help from daily practice.  Especially when I was depressed, I can calm myself down softly, without falling into self-denial for too long. Teacher Ting Lis voice is warm and powerful; all her responses are very meticulous and loving. Thank you for your company for two months!


I used to be a slave of my thoughts and it is practically a kind of self-torture C whichever way causes more excruciating pain, that is the way my thoughts would go.  I used to be unaware and unconscious, thinking that I was my thought. Now gradually, Ive become aware and start to watch my thoughts.  Im able to catch myself whenever my thoughts begin to run again.


Yolanda: For me, body scan is an opportunity to rest. It allows me to learn to be kind to myself, and give myself compassion in my busy and exhausting life.


Although light meals arent exhilarating and dont stimulate taste buds, but when you eat with a mindful heart, they indeed bring a different kind of simplicity.  I am satisfied with one bowl, and I feel peaceful after the meal. Mindful eating is not only eating C it is essentially a process of restoring awareness and harmonizing the heart.


It's halfway through the eight-week class of mindfulness. At first, I know nothing about mindfulness. Now, I can sit down and meditate naturally and even bring mindfulness to walking, exercise, eating, etc. It's amazing.


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